think about the feeling you get from snuggling up in a comfy blanket while reading a good book. the feeling of twinkle lights over the outdoor table surrounded by loved ones. the feeling of having fresh flowers in your home, or simply living slowly and being present. 

hygge, the danish trend pronounced HOO-guh or HUE-guh, is the foundation of maya blu, known for its aura of "coziness". We've fallen in love with author and photographer, julie pointer adams', experience of hygge. She illustrates it beautifully in her book, wabi-sabi welcome:

"like wabi-sabi, hygge is hard to translate into just a word or two; it refers to the way something looks and feels, but it's also a way of life. some define it as 'the art of creating intimacy,' because, simply put, it's about creating spaces that encourage a sense of camaraderie, using humble components, and finding the joy in ordinary moments. hygge is a feeling of warmth instilled by our environment, but also within ourselves by learning to be present."

maya blu is a place of creativity. a place to be inspired, and an opportunity to share our feeling of hygge, which hopefully translates into your life.